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Grafton Men’s Shed gets the chop

The Grafton Men’s Shed has been tasked with its sharpest job yet, crafting over 50 wooden ceremonial axes for two of Grafton’s best-known timber mills.

The community-based organisation which has called the Brewhouse Village its home for the past 17 years, is making the axes for Greensill Brothers and the Notaras Mill to be used as gifts and ceremonial pieces.

The Men’s Shed’s Bruce Carle said it was one of the more unusual jobs the group had been tasked with, but would provide valuable funds to put back into running the workshop.

“Greensill’s put in an order for 50 axes and after asking for some timber from Notaras sawmill, they asked us to do some for them as well,” Mr Carle said.

“Crafting the axe heads is a complex and time consuming task so it will be a labour of love, but the end result will provide some beautiful pieces for the mills to give to staff or clients

“Taking on tasks like this are all part of the Men’s Shed program and helps us to pay for the tools and equipment we need to operate.”

Members come together each Wednesday from 8am to 3pm to work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of others.

The organisation has been a part of the Brewhouse Village since 2005, expanding over time to take an extra room in 2011 and an office and meals room in 2014.

The Brewhouse Village’s Rick Firth said the men’s Shed was a valued tenant of the precinct and provided a vital community service.

“Men’s Sheds have been providing a safe and welcoming place for men to come and talk about their issues and to encourage social interaction to avoid isolation,” Mr Firth said.

“It’s a fantastic movement and one Grafton should be very proud of having.”

The Brewhouse Village is home to the Brewhouse café and 70 other tenants with over 230 people calling the complex their working home.

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